We’re Open! An important announcement regarding our COVID-19 safety practices


Team Nosh is taking every measure to ensure the safety of the food we prepare for our community. 


As you know by now, Ohio Governor DeWine has issued a stay at home order for the state of Ohio, which began Monday, March 23 at 11:59pm and ends April 6 at 11:59pm for all non-essential personnel. The state of Ohio has issued a 12-page order defining essential versus non-essential. 


Nosh is classified in the Essential Businesses and Operations per the Stay at Home Order and will remain open for curbside carry-out and delivery, in order to provide lunch and dinner to the surrounding community.


While strict sanitation standards and health practices are and have always been of the highest priority within Team Nosh, during this period of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve built upon these high standards even further.


      • We are offering “contactless” carry-out and delivery, where you never have to come in contact with or near any of our staff to get your food.

      • All food and kitchenware is being handled with gloves to avoid any direct skin contact

      • Glove changes occur every 30 minutes and in-between all tasks

      • Staff temperatures are taken every morning

      • We are regularly sanitizing everything, from the door handles to every square inch of the kitchen and equipment

      • Only critical staff is on hand for meal prep, curbside pick-up and delivery

      • No employee will be permitted on the premises if they begin to feel sick

      • All food packaging is clean and sanitized with UV lighting and handled with gloves


*NOTE: There is no evidence per the CDC and FDA of COVID-19 being spread through food OR food packaging at the time of this writing. Still- we won’t take any chances!


We understand that you may have hesitations or questions during this time. In an effort to be proactive, we’ve included two resources below that may help answer any further concerns.


This link will provide more detailed information regarding the FDA’s food safety practices that we are following in regard to COVID-19:



We’ve also posted a set of Frequently Asked Questions regarding food safety and COVID-19, which may help address any concerns you may still have or that we haven’t answered above.



As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at any time via email, phone, or even through our social media pages. We have always been here to serve you and we look forward to continuing to do so, especially during a time like this.


Team Nosh will make every effort during the stay at home directive to bring our community together through food, even if during that time we must remain physically apart.


We will all power through this together. 


Stay safe and Stay Healthy,

Chef Rick Carson

Important Information Regarding Our COVID-19 Health & Safety Practices. Click here.